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Physic Equipments

Pulley-Single Metal, Pulley-Double Parallel Plastic

Pulley-Triple Parallel Plastic, Pulley-Triple Parallel Metal

Dynamics Trolleys

Inclined Plane, Simple & Friction Board

Inclined Plane

Simple Pendulum, Steel/ Lead/ Brass

Boyle's Law Apparatus

Demonstration Aneroid Barometer

Aneroid Barometer

Fortins Barometer

Air Pump

Ball And Ring Apparatus

Bar & Gauge

Expansion Apparatus

Expansion of Liquids Apparatus

Hope's Apparatus

Calorimeter Set

Calorimeter Set Copper

Joule's Calorimeter

Steam Boiler with Water Gauge

Steam Heater

Crookes Radiometer Single


Head of Water Unit

Steam Engine Factory Model

Sectional Model of 2-Stroke Petrol Engine

Sectional Model of 4-Stroke Cycle

Sectional Model of 2-Stroke Cycle Diesel Engine

Concave Mirrors

Convex Mirrors


Prism, Glass, Equilateral

Prism, Glass, Right Angle

Optical Disc, (Magnetic)

Telescope Model Astronomical

Optical Bench 1 Meter Wooden

Student Spectrometer


Traveling Microscope

Buzzer in Vacuum

Wave Form Helix (Slinky)

Wave Form Helix

Ripple Tank

Tuning Forks Set Blue Steel

Van De Graff Generator

Whims Hurst Machine

Simple Cell

Plates, With Terminal

Leclanche Cell

Daniel Cell

Tangent Galvanometer

Post Office Box Plug Type

Rheostat-Sliding Contact

Keys & Switches

Post Office Box Dial Type

Resistance Box (Dial Type)

Resistance Coils

Platinum Resistance Thermometer


Meter Bridges

U Magnets

Bar Magnets

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